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Arthritis is a chronic health condition that significantly impacts the way people live. It causes pain and debilitation, both physically and mentally.

Currently no cure for arthritis exists, yet research shows a well-informed combination of anti-inflammatory diet, regular exercise, medication and supplements can markedly improve quality of life. Simple and considered lifestyle changes can help keep arthritis related issues in check, manage weight and potentially delay joint replacements.

Arthritis should not control people’s lives. People can control arthritis.

Wellvess started when a group of Australian healthcare experts, with personal and professional experience of arthritis, combined their knowledge to make a difference to people’s lives.

Wellvess was created to provide all this evidence-based information in one place, to help people make changes to their lives and gain control over this painful condition. With access to a community of people in the same situation, Wellvess offers support and a place to share experiences.

Helping to fill the gap between doctor and patient, Wellvess gives doctors the peace-of-mind to know their patients are following safe and beneficial recommendations, delivered by experienced practitioners.

Living with arthritis is not easy. But now there is help – easily accessed online – delivered by people who care and have the right experience. Give us a try today.

Wellvess – it’s wellness with vitality  

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