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Sandra Witzel The Coach

Sandra Witzel is a digital entrepreneur and health coach who has lived with arthritis for over a decade.

She has created Wellvess as a social enterprise, with the aim to educate people on arthritis and provide them with the right knowledge and hands-on skills to manage their condition.

Sandra regularly writes and comments about arthritis in the Australian media. She is published in national titles such as StartsAt60, The New Daily and Medibank Private magazine. On World Arthritis Day, she spoke about arthritis on 2GB radio.

In her commentary, she raises awareness of arthritis and offers advice to people on how to take control of the condition. Sandra is a member of the International Association of Health Coaches.

Shivaun Conn The Dietician

Shivaun Conn has over eleven years experience in preventative health and lifestyle medicine, and is a passionate, respected authority in all things nutritious and healthy.

She is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD), Accredited Nutritionist (AN) and sub-committee member of the Australian Lifestyle Medicine Asssocation (ALMA). Shivaun runs her own wellness coaching business, Discovery Health.

Recently, helping people adopt an anti-inflammatory way of eating to help with arthritis has been a major focus. In early 2014 Shivaun co-authored ‘The ALMA Eating Plan for People and Planet’, which outlined evidence for anti-inflammatory foods and dietary patterns.

Shivaun regularly presents on health, including recently at the Hunter Breast Cancer Forum 2013, Australian Lifestyle Medicine Conference 2012 and the Festival of Hope – National Pain Week 2012.


Andrew Ross The Physio

Andrew Ross is the hands-on owner of Go Go Physio, a mobile physiotherapy business based in Sydney which aims to make the life-enhancing benefits of physiotherapy more accessible.

Since completing his Bachelor Degree in physiotherapy over six years ago, Andrew has worked in private clinics and public hospitals, as well as with leading sports clubs. He regularly helps clients with arthritis and recently spent six-months working in a rheumatology department treating patients with rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and other rheumatological conditions.

Andrew has undertaken a Diploma in Remedial Massage, is a certified pilates instructor and is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (M.A.P.A.).


John Hart The Doctor

John Hart is an experienced medical practitioner who specialises in Longevity Medicine at Elevate Health & Wellness Clinic.

In his practice, Doctor Hart strives to seek the particular factors in a person’s inherited biochemistry and daily lifestyle that prevent optimal functioning of their body. 
He gains most satisfaction assisting clients to identify and implement changes that will promote a long health-span and life-span, and in seeing real, life-altering changes happen quickly and safely.

To help deliver these changes, he uses bio-identical hormones, nutriceuticals, pharmaceuticals, diet, exercise, stress management, sleep optimisation and detoxification protocols.

In addition to Bachelor Degrees in Medicine & Surgery and Applied Science, Doctor Hart is trained in exercise physiology (First Class Honours degree with University Medal) and sports medicine (Master of Sports Medicine).


Carli Ratcliff The Gourmet

Carli Ratcliff is an award-winning food, travel and lifestyle writer, with a passionate belief that healthy food and nutritious ingredients can be both exciting and delicious.

Her foodie stories and tips regularly feature in Australian newspapers and magazines, such as The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, The Sun-Herald, The Australian Financial Review, Qantas inflight magazine, Vogue Living and Mindfood. She has sub-edited and contributed to guides including Cheap Eats (Sydney) and Fairfax’s Good Food Shopping Guide.

In addition to writing herself, Carli teaches Food Writing at The Australian Writers’ Centre, both in Sydney, and on the road in Vietnam and Cambodia. In addition to Bachelor and Masters Degrees in the arts, she holds a Graduate Certificate (Food Writing) from the Le Cordon Bleu (Paris) School of Gastronomy at the University of Adelaide.

This website contains general information about medical conditions and treatments, diet, recipes, lifestyle and exercise. Any information provided is not advice, and should not be treated as such. You should never delay seeking medical advice, disregard medical advice, or discontinue or change medical treatment because of information on this website, unless advised by your doctor. Read full disclaimer.

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