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The Wellvess Arthritis Vitality Program is designed to complement your patient’s medical treatment plan by focussing on known and quantifiable factors for improvement.

Drawing on the latest medical research and best practice recommendations from around the world, the program works to support, educate and encourage health and wellbeing in arthritis patients.

3.6% of visits to Australian GPs are arthritis related

Statistics released by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare show that 3.6% of visits to Australian GPs are related to arthritis (AIHW 2010).

In addition to professional medical treatment, the persistence of healthy lifestyle habits such as controlling weight, protecting joints and keeping fit are known to mitigate the risks of further damage and long term complications (Katzenstein 2005).

Primary and Secondary Prevention is important

While professional medical care and medication go a long way to relieving patient symptoms, many patients also need ongoing support with primary and secondary arthritis prevention strategies, including:

  • Keeping fit and active
  • Protecting their joints from further damage
  • Controlling their weight with diet and exercise.

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